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Last update:09 December 2017

Club results and awards for 2017. Read more===>

AGM minutes now available. Read more===>

Results from the 45th birthday meeting. Read more===>

Bike Ports are now available to hire for 2018. Read more===>

The club's Christmas/Presentation Day is the 3rd of December. Read more===>

Photos from the 45th birthday meeting. Read more===>

Bikes for sale. Read more===>

The club would like to thank Mathew Brown from MWB Metal Roofing Pty Ltd for supplying material to do maintenance at the complex. Thanks for your support of the club.

Members are reminded to bring a volunteer to do a duty for the day on race days. If you do not have a volunteer, or the volunteer refuses to help, this will result in the rider not participating on the day.

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