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Last update:13 October 2017

A big thank you to Sam Pull, Peter Smith, Col Adams and Bob Pankhurst for completing maintenance work at the track. Sam and Peter completed repairs on the roller and Col and Bob completed the other part of the roofing near the canteen. Thanks guys for your contribution to the club.

Members, our last point score for the year is on this weekend.

Results from Australain Junior Dirt Track Championships. Read more===>

All perpetual trophies need to be returned by next meeting. Please hand them back when you sign on.

The Central Coast Junior Motorcycle Club 45th birthday event details and entry form now available. Read more===>

September commitee meeting minutes. Read more===>

Bikes for sale. Read more===>

Check out some photos from earlier years at the club. More will be added from time to time leading up to the 45th anniversary. Read more===>

Nomination form for 2018 club positions now available. Read more===>

Updates to calendar of events. Read more===>

The final junior speedway event for 2017 will be on the 4th of November. Read more===>

Members are reminded to bring a volunteer to do a duty for the day on race days. If you do not have a volunteer, or the volunteer refuses to help, this will result in the rider not participating on the day.

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