Junior Speedway

Nippers will also be included at junior speedway meetings. If a nipper would like to ride on the Saturday afternoon on the speedway track, please contact the junior speedway coordinator.

30th October: Jason Doyle, who raced junior speedway at the CCJMCC, has won the SGP world championship. Read more===>

28th October: Final junior speedway for the year is 4th of November. Sign on 9.30am.

29th August: Junior speedway results for pointscore #5 and pointscore #6 held on the 26th of August.

30th July: The next Junior speedway meeting will be the 26th of August. If we can get 14 riders it will be conducted as a teams event.

27th July: Junior speedway results for pointscore #3 and pointscore #4.

12th July: Next junior speedway meeting July 22nd. Racing starts 10am.

27th March:Maximum Man Miles Last Saturday the tapes went up on the junior speedway racing season at Allen Park Raceway in Somersby, home of the Central Coast Junior Motorcycle Club. A top class field of sixteen young 125cc junior riders from all over NSW contested the The Ray and Joan Sanson Spirit of Speedway meeting which honours the contribution of the late husband and wife duo to the club and junior speedway over many years. Twelve year old Jack Miles from Kurri Kurri, was in sparkling form with a fifteen point maximum, winning all his races and the ‘A’ final in fine style. Runner up was the 11 year old Lachlan Hayes from Branxton with 10 year old Tom Drane from Forbes a creditable 3rd place on the rostrum. ‘Jack Miles is certainly star quality and could well go on to emulate the success of 2012 World Speedway Champion Chris Holder who also raced junior speedway at Somersby’ says spokesman Terry Starbuck. ‘He was consistently quick, winning many races from the back and recording the fastest time of the night in Heat 12, an amazing 41.3 seconds over 4 laps in a hard fought battle with Lex Tracy, great great nephew of 6 times Australian Champion Billy Sanders. Jack Miles was also presented with the special Spirit of Speedway trophy, awarded to the most promising up and coming rider who demonstrates skills both on an off the track with qualities like attitude, tenacity and fair play.

The next junior speedway meeting at Somersby will be a teams event on Saturday 22nd April. For more information contact Michelle Lawler 0488 738837

Junior speedway results. Click for results from pointscore1 and Spirit Of Speedway

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